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Getting Started

Gilberto E. Urroz, Ph.D., P.E. SMath Studio CONTENTS: Interface and menus, calculations, use of units, 2D & 3D graphs, programming, input/output, selected numerical methods CONTENTS: Basic operation: grid on/off, text, palettes, Arithmetic palette, assignment to variables, Greek letters, subscripted variables, math expressions, function "solve", Functions palette, Function menu, using units, defining functions, exercises CONTENIDO: Operacion basica: activar/desactivar grilla, texto, paneles, panel de Aritmetica, asignacion de valores a variables, letras griegas, variables con subindices, expresiones matematicas, funcion "solve", panel de Funciones, menu de Funcion, uso de unidades, definicion de funciones de usuario, ejercicios

Tutorials on graphics, programming, matrices

Gilberto E. Urroz, Ph.D., P.E. SMath Studio
Bernard Liengme - SMathPrimer

Video tutorials

Other languages

Serbian, Marijan Dizdar - SMath Studio priručnik


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