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augment(…) Returns a matrix formed by placing arguments left to right. Arguments are matrices or column vectors having the same number of rows, or they are scalars and row vectors.
cinterp(x-vector, y-vector, number) Returns a cubic spline interpolated value at number for data vectors x-vector and y-vector of the same size (Vector is a column matrix)
col(matrix, number) Returns the specified column of the matrix/vector
cols(matrix) Returns the number of columns of the matrix/vector
concat(…) Concatenating strings
cos(number) Cosine
cosh(number) Hyperbolic cosine
cot(number) Cotangent
coth(number) Hyperbolic cotangent
csc(number) Cosecantc
csch(number) Hyperbolic cosecant
csort(matrix/vector, number) Returns a matrix/vector formed by rearranging rows until specified column is in ascending order
det(matrix) Matrix determinate
dfile(filename) Remove file from file system
diag(vector) Returns a square matrix containing on its diagonal the elements of vector (Vector is a column matrix)
diff(2)(expression, variable) Differentiate (dx/dy)
diff(3)(expression, variable) Differentiate (d2x/dy2)
el(matrix, number, number) Return the element of the matrix mij
error(string) Shows standard SMath Studio error tip with text form the function argument
eval(expression) Converts the given expression from symbolic to numeric notation
exp(number) Exponential function e raised to the power number
expand(expression) Simplify expression
exportCell(value, filename, sheetname, row, column) Exports data to the Excel cell.
findstr(string, string) Returns vector of start position of second string insider first string. Returns -1 if no match found
for(3)(increment, vector, body) For loop
for(4)(increment, condition, action, body) For loop
Gamma(number) Gamma function calculation
identity(number) Returns an nxn identity matrix. n must be a positive integer
if(condition, true, false) Returns the "true statement" if logical "condition statement" is true (non-zero). "false statement" otherwise.
Im(number) Imaginary part of complex number
importCell(filename, sheetName, row, column) Imports data from the Excel cell
importData(filename) Returns a matrix of loaded data from specified file using default parsing parameters
importData(filename,decimalSymbol,argumentsSeparator,columnsDelimiter,fromRow, toRow,fromColumn, toColumn,isSymbolic) Returns a matrix of loaded data from specified file. Function can be used with 1-9 of the arguments specified. Digit 0 (zero) can be used for the arguments (except filename) to get the built in default values.
int(express, number, number, variable) Definite integral
invert(matrix/number) Inverted value
IsDefined("expression") Returns 1 if all variables and functions in the expression is defined, 0 - otherwise. (*)
IsString(argument) Returns 1 if specified argument is a string. 0 otherwise
Jacob(vector,vector) Returns the Jacobian matrix of the vector function (*)
length(matrix/vector) The number of elements in matrix or vector. Returns a scalar
line(…) Draws a line for a subroutine
linterp(x-vector, y-vector, number) Returns a linearly interpolated value at number for data vectors x-vector and y-vector of the same size. (Vector is a column matrix)
ln(number) Natural logarithm
log(number, number) Logarithm of number to the specified base (second number)
log10(number) Base 10 logarithm of number
mat(…) Matrix
matrix(rows, cols) Returns a matrix of size specified filled with zeros
max(matrix/vector) Returns the largest element of matrix/vector. If any value is complex returns max(Re(…))+i*max(Im(…))
min(matrix/vector) Returns the smallest element of matrix/vector. If any value is complex returns min(Re(…))+i*min(Im(…))
minor(matrix, number, number) Minor of matrix
mod(number, number) Returns the remainder on dividing the first argument by the second. Arguments must be real
norm1(matrix) Returns the L1 norm of the matrix
norme(matrix) Returns the Euclidean norm of the matrix
normi(matrix) Returns the infinite norm of the matrix
nthroot(number, number) Root
num2str(expression) Converts specified math expression to a string
numden(expression) Returns a 2 element vector of numerator and denominator values of expression
perc(number, percent) Percentage
pol2xy(number, number) Converts the polar coordinates of a point in 2D space to rectangular coordinates
polyroots(vector) Returns all the roots of the polynomial whose coefficients are in argument vector
product(expression, number,
number, variable) Iterated product
random(number) The random number from 0 to the arguments value
range(2)(number, number) Returns a vector of values within the specified range with step equal to 1
range(3)(number, number, step) Returns a vector of values within the specified range with step equal to step
rank(matrix) Matrix rank
Re(number) Returns the real part of complex number
reverse(matrix/vector) Reverses the order of rows of matrix or of element in a vector
rfile(filename) Read math expression from file
roots(vector1,vector2) Finds roots for system of nonlinear equations. Returns the values of vector2 to make the set of functions vector1 equal to zeros. (*)
roots(vector1,vector2,vector3) Finds roots for system of nonlinear equations according to specified approaches vector3. Returns the value of vector2 to make the set of functions vector1 equal to zeros. (*)
round(number, number) Rounds the real number x to n places
row(matrix/vector, number) Returns the row of the matrix/vector
rows(matrix/vector) Number of rows of the matrix/vector
rsort(matrix/vector, number) Returns a matrix formed by rearranging columns until specified row is in ascending order
sec(number) Secant
sech(number) Hyperbolic secant
sign(number) Returns 0 if x=0, 1 if x>0, and -1 otherwise. Argument must be a real number
sin(number) Sine
sinh(number) Hyperbolic sine
solve(2)(expression, variable) Returns real roots of expression with respect to variable
solve(4)(expression, variable, lower, upper) Returns real roots of expression with respect to variable in the interval between lower and upper
sort(vector) Returns a vector with the values sorted in ascending order
sqrt(number) Square root
stack(…) Returns a matrix formed by placing arguments top to bottom. Arguments are matrices or column vectors having the same number of columns, or they are scalars and column vectors.
str2num(string) Returns math expression formed by converting from specified string
strlen(string) Returns the number of characters in specified string
strrep(originalString, oldString,
newString) Replaces all occurrences of oldString within originalString with newString
submatrix(matrix, i_row, j_row,
i_col,j_col) Returns the submatrix consisting of elements in rows i_row through j_row and columns i_col through j_col
substr(string, number1, number2) Returns a substring of string. Where number1 is a starting character position of substring; number2 is a length of result string.
sum(expression, number, number,
variable) Summation
sys(…) Multiple values
tan(number) Tangent
tanh(number) Hyperbolic tangent
tr(matrix) Matrix trace. Sum of the element on the main diagonal (the diagonal from the upper left to the lower right) of a square matrix
transpose(matrix/vector) Matrix transpose
trunc(number) The integer part of a real number by removing the fractional part
vminor(matrix,number, number) Returns submatrix of matrix excepting the specified row and column
wfile(expression,filename) Write math expression to file. If file with filename existing function will overwrite it. Will return 1 if successful, 0 otherwise
while(condition,body) Function of iterations. The cycle carries out a body while the condition is true. Important: in a body any quantity of expressions by means of function line(…) can be set.
xy2pol(number,number) Converts the rectangular coordinates of a point in 2D space to polar coordinates.

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