Converting between data types

There are some implemented methods for conversions between arrays of Term, MItem, and TNumber classes:

SMath.Manager.Converter.ToTerms(string) - Converts String to Term[]
SMath.Manager.Converter.ToString(Term) - Converts Term[] to String
SMath.Math.Symbolic.Converter.ToMItem(string) - Converts String to MItem
SMath.Math.Symbolic.Converter.ToMItem(Term) - Converts Term[] to MItem
SMath.Math.Symbolic.Converter.ToString(MItem) - Converts MItem to String

SMath.Math.Numeric.Expression.Calculate (Term []) - Numerical calculation of mathematical expressions
SMath.Math.Symbolic.Expression.SimplifyEx (MItem) - Symbolic simplification of mathematical expressions
SMath.Math.Symbolic.Expression.DifferentiateEx (MItem, MItem) - symbolic differentiation of mathematical expressions

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