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2017/08/24 17:07 by Nicola
use of "Arg" function and others...
dear Smath developers at first this is the best math tool I have ever seen. you are simply great !

Im playing with mwfft function. From a file I loaded a column of values. I generated a complex vector FFTS via mwfft() and it is simply fantastic. I tried then to generate the angle vector from FFTS using arg() but it provides a conversion error and it suggests to contact you on this.

Secondly I see the arg function but not the Amplitude one, quite easy to create being the SQRT(Re(FFTS)2+Im(FFTS)2). in this case SQRT required index usage. Thirdly I am looking for a function that extract a submatrix of FFTS in order to represent the FFTS with its main harmonics by the amplitude but I have been forced to create the aplitude as scalar and fill the Amplitude vector with each scalar. the plot is simply beatiful and clear. Great idea the Syntax function. Again here SpecialPlot Matrix have to be filled one by one with the Amplitude elements.

I hope to have been clear enough and of help in order to amplify Smath power! my best regards. Nicola

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