Created by Andrey Ivashov in the scope of SMath project. Published by smath.
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SMath Studio

Tiny, powerful, free mathematical program with WYSIWYG editor and complete units of measurements support.

It provides numerous computing features and rich user interface translated into about 40 different languages. Application also contains integrated mathematical reference book.

Download: version 0.99.7030 - Stable (released at ) - recommended

Software iconmsi SMath Studio Desktop (2.24 MB)Downloads: 71408 of 751712

Software icongz SMath Studio Desktop for Mono (1.37 MB)Downloads: 18145 of 98639

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Download: version 0.99.7251 - Beta (released at 2019-11-08)

Software iconmsi SMath Studio Desktop (2.28 MB)Downloads: 4089 of 751712

Software icongz SMath Studio Desktop for Mono (1.4 MB)Downloads: 645 of 98639

Application can be easily extended based on your needs. Built-in Extensions Manager tool allows to get access to hundreds official and third-party resources of the following types: usage examples, plug-ins, SMath Viewer based applications, snippets, interface translations, interactive books, handbooks and tutorials.

The best software for Engineers. Easy, lightweight and comprehensive. Kudos to its Developer.more...

by Shafiq

Great free software. I use it for calculations of civil structures. Thanks a lot.more...

by Antonio Fazzutti

If you are thinking about getting MathCAD for your business or personal use you may want to try SMath Studio first. SMath Studio is a free math program with easy to use intuitive "paper-like" interface. If SMath Studio meets your needs then look no further and consider donating to promote further development of this great program. On the SMath Studio forum, the developer and forum community are very receptive to help questions, bug reports, and feature requests.more...

by j_kris