Created by Andrey Ivashov in the scope of SMath project. Published by Andrey Ivashov.
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SMath Studio

Tiny, powerful, free mathematical program with WYSIWYG editor and complete units of measurements support.

It provides numerous computing features and rich user interface translated into about 40 different languages. Application also contains integrated mathematical reference book.

Download: version 0.99.7822 - Stable (released at ) - recommended

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Download: version 0.99.7921 - Beta (released at 2021-09-08)

Software iconmsi SMath Studio Desktop (2.72 MB)Downloads: 11939 of 1078057

Software icongz SMath Studio Desktop for Mono (1.79 MB)Downloads: 1689 of 215095

Application can be easily extended based on your needs. Built-in Extensions Manager tool allows to get access to hundreds official and third-party resources of the following types: usage examples, plug-ins, SMath Viewer based applications, snippets, interface translations, interactive books, handbooks and tutorials.

I have been wishing for a sensible alternative to the free version of MathCAD for a long time. I find such software a crucial tool for writing technical-paper-style documents with live formulas and units carried throughout. I am so happy to have found SMath Studio as it is not just a completely free, fully featured alternative, but I find it to be much better in that it is tiny, is easier to use, has nice community support and has nice expandability by others (through plugins). It has features I've always wanted like setting of number of significant digits (not just number of decimal places), easier typing of subscripts, better plotting (via the X-Y Plot plugin), ability to include other SMath files (like my own units definitions), the very innovative and helpful "dynamic assistant", the ability to assign values to variables *after* the writing of a formula, no watermark across each page, and many other improvements that I have yet to discover. Since I am so pleased, I just donated $100 which I feel is a more reasonable amount for software like this. Thank you, Andrey! more...

by John David Heinzmann

I am using it everyday for my professional work. Thank you so much!more...

by Tien Nguyen

I'm absolutely love this app. It's a great tool for usual engineering calculations, and way more easier to use for me than matlab and others.more...

by Zoltán Balázs