Created by Andrey Ivashov in the scope of SMath project. Published by smath.

User Reviews of SMath Studio

Smath is a very simple program to use. It´s similar to Mathcad and it´s free. I use it for my spreedsheets at work. I recommend it, without a doubt.

by Joaquín Guraiib

Amazing very useful app!! Highly recommended!! Two thumbs up! :)

by Maxx

This is an excellent software for methodically solving/performing strenous formulas/calculations. It is an incredible inspiration that it is free !

by Prasanna W

Probably the best free math program out there. As an electrical engineer, you can do so many calculations, e.g for designig drive systems and calculate protection settings, can be almost entirely automated using SMath Studio. With the huge amount of plugins you can push SMath in an high level. Thanks a lot!

by Karsten

Andrey has given us back the joy of Math that we experimented with Mathcad some thirty years ago, until PTC messed it all up. A fantastic achievement! And free! I am beginning to use it intensively to help my engineering students.

by Manuel Vargas

Imagine combining Microsoft Word with the ability to compute every time you press equals. Best application for your engineering documentation needs!

by Michael James Quidilla

trop bien ce programme....pour faire de fiches de calcul. en plus on peut ouvrir des fiches Mathcad sans souci aucun.

by aedes

Succeeds where MathCad falls short. Used daily as an electrical engineer. Highly recommend.

by Andy Burke

Probably the best free math program out there. As a mechanical engineering student, so many calculations can be almost entirely automated using SMath Studio.

by Bellus

I use this program on my everyday civil engineering calculations, and I highly recommend it!

by GiE

Спасибо вам за вашу работу, это приложение просто прекрасно!

by Илья

Great free software. I use it for calculations of civil structures. Thanks a lot.

by Antonio Fazzutti

Excelente software para los cálculos de ingeniería, muy livano, pero bastante robusto a la hora de realizar cálculos; y su plataforma en la nube es buena.

by fredynils

This fantastic free alternative to Mathcad is going from strength to strength and I am really enjoying watching its progress. Andrey has produced something that is genuinely useful, multiplatform, fun to use and, most importantly of all, he listens to his users. Well worth a download.

by Beerus

SMath Studio is a great alternative to MathCAD. It is small and portable. I use it primarily for structural engineering calculations and for documenting my work. Many thanks to Andrey and the other developers for this great tool.

by Eric Durham

Niezwykle przejrzyste narzędzie. Świetne do sprawdzenia czegoś na szybko, naturalne jak pisanie w zeszycie. Silna alternatywa dla MathCADa, zdecydowanie godny polecenia!

by mati

I am using it everyday for my professional work. Thank you so much!

by Tien Nguyen

The best software for Engineers. Easy, lightweight and comprehensive. Kudos to its Developer.

by Shafiq

As a Civil Engineering professor, I've realized to be hard to find a software suitable for both introductory and advanced subjects. SMath is the only free software I know to get the job done. Try it out.

by João Felipe Melo

SMath makes my job as a mechanical engineer easier. It creates much more presentable calculations which are easier to follow (compared to a Matlab script or Excel spreadsheet).

by Albert

Świetny soft, prawdziwy life saver, rewelacja.

by AA

This is a great tool. Just like Mathcad. I'd encourage science/engineering students to use it. And you get a copy of your work.

by RJ

Superlative !!! good job !!! Congratulation

by Max

This program helped me in solving a lot of my mechanical problems related to gears, design standards & structural problems. Now we can run it on our mobiles also. Thanks for this useful program.

by Sudhir Gill

Buenísima aplicación.

by Nicolás Troncoso

Very good app! Thanks a lot for it!

by Dane

Although it lacks some of mathcad's possibilities, it is undoubtedly an excellent spreadsheet for engineering.

by Jose Costa

Smath is easy to use tool and its is freeware.I used for engineering calculations instead of easing excel. Its a time saver.

by Naresh varikuntla

The secret power of the original MathCad was its self-documenting feature. SMath brings this back and it is free. Amazing. Write your math essentially the same way you would write it by hand, but it is live. The math is calculated left-to-right then top-to-bottom. Self-documenting and live. Wonderful.

by John Cantlin

A great and essential application for scientists and engineers. The updates are regular and it has plugins that make it complete and as powerful as the paid applications.

by Yibbou

I really like it. It's one of the most usable free software applications I deal with.

by Juanma Belda

Excelente programa, es como tener el clásico papel y lápiz pero ahora con un potente calculador y con muchas funciones, me gustaría que tenga opciones de base de datos para poder usarlo en la ciencia Estadística.

by Christian Minaya

Great instrument. Thanks

by Antonio Fazzutti

beautiful strument

by michele

Simplemente la mejor y libre alternativa a Mathcad. Gracias

by Jorge Rodríguez

Muy buena la aplicación. Ligera, potente y eficaz para lo que está diseñada. Es mi herramienta diaria para cálculos de Ingeniería Civil en Venezuela.

by Kenny Silva

Très bon logiciel de calcul, avec de nombreux plugin pour tous les usages. Une fois qu'on s'habitue, on ne peut plus s'en passer. Je le recommande vivement. Outre les fonction mathématiques, Il est possible d'utiliser de nombreuses bibliothèques, comme par exemple la bibliothèque Coolprop pour les données thermodynamiques, ce qui permet d'avoir un outil très évolué pour faire et expliquer des calculs très rapidement.

by Vidal Silva

Thank you very much for your work and for you programm. I have just started to use it, but already see that it's a wonderful tool for engineers.

by Ilya Shulika

Best WYSYWIG math software, with outstanding cost/effect factor! In some areas even better thought than it's commercial oponent (auto complete, very big plugin database, small program size etc). Highly reccomended.

by Bartłomiej Minor

Simple and Elegant

by Egbert Sales

A very useful tool for engineers. Thanks a lot. Keep up the great work.

by Bhargav


by Mohan

Excellent tool...

by Munawar Jakhro

An invaluable tool for high schoolers and engineering students! A big thank you from India.

by Anirban

This mathematical tool is very useful. I was a Mathcad user, now I use SMath in all courses I teach and ask my students to use it.

by Waluyo Adi Siswanto

Amazing, well-done, useful tool. A small donation was sent your way. This small comment of praise is a follow-up.

by Jason H

Thank you for SMath. It's been a life saver.

by Bob Johansson P.Eng.

Excelente software para cálculo. La interface tipo papel la hace muy versátil y amigable. La recomiendo ampliamente.

by Tomás Soto

As a student engineer, this is an amazing program to use for future engineers.

by Erich Vajda

This is a great piece of software! I use it on my Linux machine. With best regards from Munich, Germany.

by Stefan Schmidhuber

Must have for every engineer.

by Florian

Great software. Excellent tool for engineering students to make study of complicated problems a breeze. Time need to familiarize is very less as there are good guides prepared for easy use.

by Razook

Excellent alternative to MathCad and it's free!

by Marco Finlay

This has been a great step up from Excel. Extensive (and extensible) support for engineering units opens a new world for well documented everyday analysis. Thank you!

by Mike Graham

Great free software! I am enjoying watching its progress and use every day for reinforced concrete calculations and client presentations! Hope it gorows well"

by Thomas Carmona

As a civil engineer, over the years I have frequently used MathCAD for not only performing but also documenting calculations. With PTC dropping perpetual licensing, my recommendation to all the junior engineers I train is to give SMath Studio a serious look. While not a turnkey replacement for MathCAD, it provides most of the functionality and power at an incredible price. Already a wonderful program filling a key niche spot between a numerical calculator like Octave, and a CAS like Maxima, the expanding plugin and 3rd party development is on the rise and this project's future keeps getting even brighter. Much consideration must be given by any engineer or business before they settle on a software for adopting into the workflow. Although not open-source in the strictest sense, the development community is similar to what you would find in any first class OSS software project. The current owner of the SMath Project has also agreed to release the source code under open source license should he not be able to continue the project. So do not let the cost (your time) of learning SMath Studio and migrating your MathCAD computation sheets scare you. This project is here to stay.

by Michael Fuller, P.E., PMP

Pozdrawiam wszystkich użytkowników i zachęcam do wspierania produktu.

by LeszekP

This is a must have software for engineering student.

by Rabbi

smath studio. It´s a good tool.

by jose luis rebollo

SMath Studio in the Cloud is ideal to show calculations to my students. They only have to click at the internet hyperlink. Teacher at school of mechanical engineering, bachelor level.

by Hein van de Vrande

Amazing math tool. I use it almost daily. I'm a civil engineer and Smath Studio quickly became one of my favorite tools to "hand check" a lot of my calculations.

by Fernando Siedschlag

I strongly encourage professionals who use the software for commercial purpose to donate. SMath Studio, in my opinion, is better suited for documenting engineering calculations than MathCAD Prime 3, which is commercially developed, and is considered to be the software of choice by many. As engineering professionals, we all pay yearly professional license fee; if we donate a fraction of that fee to Andrey it will let him to continue working on this extremely useful and functional tool. Thank you, Andrey! Long Live SMath

by Alex M.

I've used this software for several years and can not use anything else for work. I'm a mechanical Engineer and use this for any calculations I do. 1) To show and check my work 2) to set values and write descriptions so I can reuse my formulas for other projects. This is better than any calculator. Thank you Smath for such a great software.

by Shawn Paul

Wonderful software, the cloud option is unbeatable for mac users and for using public/shared computers.

by Karl

I just discovered this project and WOW!: What a great alternative to MathCAD. I encourage engineers and scientists to try this app, you will be amazed by its power and versatility. Thanks to developers!

by Diego Nacif

I hope you keep on developing this great software! Thank you very much, it is easy and very efficient. If someone could help you to bring it closer to a nice text editor, it would probably replace Word for many engineers and other scientists.

by Dimitris

You should definitely try and use SMath Studio. This “one-man” project is really awesome. I can state, with no doubt, that every Mathcad user will be rather surprised.

by Radovan Omorjan

An amazing math tool, a must-have for engineers and scientists everywhere. (And it's not bad as a quick expression evaluator, either.)

by Mike Williams

If you are thinking about getting MathCAD for your business or personal use you may want to try SMath Studio first. SMath Studio is a free math program with easy to use intuitive "paper-like" interface. If SMath Studio meets your needs then look no further and consider donating to promote further development of this great program. On the SMath Studio forum, the developer and forum community are very receptive to help questions, bug reports, and feature requests.

by j_kris

This fantastic free alternative to Mathcad is going from strength to strength and I am really enjoying watching its progress. Andrey has produced something that is genuinely useful, multiplatform, fun to use and, most importantly of all, he listens to his users. Well worth a download.

by Mike Croucher

Taking everything into consideration, we can state that SMath Studio is a powerful application that lets you create and calculate even complex expressions, with options to plot graphs and solve matrices. The workspace lets anyone quickly accommodate regardless of experience, while the auto-complete feature and rich library of content make sure you learn to love math.

by Mircea Dragomir

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