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Offline Andrey Ivashov  
#1 Posted : 20 May 2012 21:06:16(UTC)
Andrey Ivashov

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New SMath Studio 0.94.4523 Stable available

Absolutely free mathematical program with "paper"-like interface and numerous computing features (now with integrated mathematical reference book).

SMath Studio Desktop on the Desktop (Windows)

SMath Studio Desktop on the Desktop (Linux)

Last changes

  • Picture Region improved to support scaling and read-only mode;
  • Picture Region improved to be automatically fitted to the page width on Picture insert if page layout specified;
  • Added support for colors specifying for the special objects and strings into the Plot Region using web format (like #6699CC);
  • Function sum(1) now built-in to the program;
  • Continue and Break statements implemented.
  • Area Region improved to support multi-language feature for the Area titles;
  • Added ability to set title for the Separator Region;
  • Descriptions can be now used not only for Math Regions but for any evaluable regions like Plot Region;
  • Pound-mole (lbmol) built-in Unit added;
  • Added ability to start SMath Studio in silent mode using '-silent' argument next to the list of worksheet files to process files without starting SMath Studio GUI;
  • Handling of arguments separator keying improved in Math Region;
  • Added ability to add a new cell to the vector/system/line by keying arguments separator;
  • Error handling corrected to indicate whether it is not possible to define element of the nested arrays using el(..) function;
  • Unit conversion corrected when working with operations like (1/a)^b -> 1/a^b;
  • Default Text Region font name now don't exported to .sm/.smz file saving;
  • Several critical/calculation issues fixed usually appeared on complex units evaluation;
  • Fixed issues when Description of the evaluable region become empty after file save/load cycle.
  • Fixed issue when undesirable brackets appeared sometimes around the pasted math expressions;
  • Fixed critical error of Text Region appeared sometime on Cut/Backspace operations;
  • Fixed error tooltip location issue when Region for the tooltip located between two Collapsed Areas;
  • Fixed issue when Separator cannot be moved by the mouse;
  • Fixed error appeared in some cases when big numbers processed with symbolic engine ("xE" error);
  • Fixed error appears for min/max functions when working with zeros and other values that includes units;
  • Fixed issue when it was impossible to use trailing zeros option for zero results;
  • Fixed issue when some functions are shown twice in the Insert Function dialog;
  • Fixed critical error appeared on removing of empty cell from the vector/system/line functions if nested matrix/system/line exists there;
  • Critical error appears on Region remove if the Region focused and located after the collapsed Area fixed;
  • Fixed Region's selection error appeared sometime on fast mouse clicks;
  • Fixed new Region painting issue if a Region added to the top left corner of the Worksheet;
  • Fixed error of defining matrix elements using symbolic optimization;
  • Fixed critical error appears on evaluation if manually assigned result Units contains any math error;
  • Fixed simplification errors of the boolean operators related to wrong sign of the result expression;
  • Fixed errors of the operations with matrices and scalars in symbolic library;
  • Examples improved;
  • Refactoring.

Changes since SMath Studio 0.94

  • Critical error fixed appeared on changing Description language of the set of evaluable Regions when one or more Regions in the set has no Description at all;
  • Calculation errors fixed in symbolic library for the following expressions: sin(atan(x)), cos(acot(x)), tan(asin(x)), tan(acos(x)), cot(asin(x)) and cot(acos(x));
  • Working with multi-language enabled Text Regions improved;
  • Resizing of the Picture fixed;
  • Critical error appears on operator keying fixed;
  • Product function button on the right panel fixed;
  • Sum function button on the right panel repaired to insert sum(4).

System requirements

  • Desktop (Windows):
    Framework: .NET Framework 2.0
  • Desktop (Linux):
    Framework: Mono 2.0 (libmono-winforms-2.0-cil package) or higher

Interface languages

Desktop and Handheld (34 languages):
  • [BEL] Belarusian / Беларуская
  • [BUL] Bulgarian / Български
  • [CAT] Catalan / Català
  • [CHS] Chinese (Simplified) / 简体中文
  • [CHT] Chinese (Traditional) / 簡體中文
  • [CPP] Portuguese (Brazil) / Brazil (Português)
  • [CZE] Czech / Čeština
  • [DAN] Danish / Dansk
  • [DUT] Dutch / Nederlands
  • [ENG] English / English
  • [FAS] Persian / فارسی
  • [FIN] Finnish / Suomi
  • [FRE] French / Français
  • [GER] German / Deutsch
  • [GRE] Greek / Ελληνικά
  • [HEB] Hebrew / עברית
  • [HUN] Hungarian / Magyar
  • [IND] Indonesian / Bahasa Indonesia
  • [ITA] Italian / Italiano
  • [LAV] Latvian / Latviešu
  • [LTH] Lithuanian / Lietuvių
  • [NOR] Norwegian / Norsk
  • [POL] Polish / Polski
  • [POR] Portuguese / Português
  • [RON] Romanian / Română
  • [RUS] Russian / Русский
  • [SCC] Serbian (Latin) / Srpski
  • [SCR] Croatian / Hrvatski
  • [SLK] Slovak / Slovenčina
  • [SPA] Spanish / Español
  • [SRP] Serbian (Cyrillic) / Српски
  • [SWE] Swedish / Svenska
  • [TUR] Turkish / Türkçe
  • [UKR] Ukrain / Українська

    Free Download

    Note: No current version of SMath Studio Handheld release will be introduced. Please use the latest stable handheld version (0.90).


    SMath Studio tutorial by Bernard Liengme.
    • SMathPrimer.pdf (Date: 11.11.2011. File size: 2.06MB) - to open in Adobe Acrobat Reader

    Introduction of the use of SMath Studio by Gilberto E. Urroz, Ph.D., P.E.

    Other files

    SMath Studio icons () of all available sizes (16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 96x96, 128x128, 256x256) in PNG format.
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    Offline Jarrinator  
    #2 Posted : 21 May 2012 04:16:46(UTC)

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    Thanks for fixing the pi product function and for using sum(4) instead of sum(1) in the right-hand side palette.
    Ecuadorian Electronic engineer and MBA student at Salesian Polytechnic University.
    Offline noxx  
    #3 Posted : 24 May 2012 12:50:00(UTC)

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    - unfortunately not possible to delete an imported picture

    + picture scale works fine
    Offline Davide Carpi  
    #4 Posted : 24 May 2012 13:29:22(UTC)
    Davide Carpi

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    Originally Posted by: noxx Go to Quoted Post
    - unfortunately not possible to delete an imported picture

    + picture scale works fine

    Huh i've not seen your issue... i can delete imported images without problems...

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