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#1 Posted : 09 January 2012 06:37:10(UTC)
Andrey Ivashov

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New SMath Studio 0.90 Stable available

Absolutely free mathematical program with "paper"-like interface and numerous computing features (now with integrated mathematical reference book).

SMath Studio Handheld on the Smartphone


With consecutive pushing of this button you can choose: "1", delimiter of the number ",", "square root - sqrt", "n-th root - nthroot", "integral - int", "function to find roots of equations - solve". To lock any variant just stop pushing this button 1 second.
With consecutive pushing of this button you can choose: "number related to the button", "symbols related to this button". To lock any variant just stop pushing this button 1 second.

With consecutive pushing of this button you can choose: "plus operator", "minus operator", "multiplication operator", "division operator", "exponentiation operator", "plus/minus operator", "factorial", "vector multiplication operator". Also with this pushed button you can highlight the part of equation by using Left/Right buttons.

By "clicking" on this button program will numerically calculate equation (this means "="); by pushing button more than 0,4 sec. program will symbolically calculate equation (this means "->"). Also, if the cursor located on the right of the not defined variable or not defined function this button will create a definition operator (this means ":=" ).

Removing last character (Backspace). In the mathematical reference book this button means "Back".

SMath Studio Handheld on the Communicator (PPC)

SMath Studio Desktop on the Desktop (Windows)

SMath Studio Desktop on the Desktop (Linux)

Last changes

  • Added ability to zoom the worksheet using Ctrl+Mouse Wheel or via GUI (Menu on the Status Bar);

  • Added ability to create plugins to extend SMath Studio worksheet with new types of Regions (Custom Regions);
  • Translatable Units implemented;

  • Graph animation implemented;

  • Exponential threshold setting added;

  • Performance of the el(..), rows(..), cols(..) and length(..) functions improved;
  • Added ability to show/hide grid on the Plot Control;
  • Added ability to show/hide axes on the Plot Control;
  • Symbolic library simplification engine improved;
  • Added support for *.txt files to drag'n'drop to the Worksheet;
  • Added ability to display text as a result for the Math Regions with manually specified Units;
  • Example of animation added: PlanetaryGear.sm;
  • Added ability to show current language for the Translatable Regions;
  • Worksheet's context menu improved to display languages supported for the Region;
  • Plot Region and Math Region components extended to support hidden input data mode;
  • Settings dialog reworked: some of the options require program restart now;

  • Context menu of Math Region extended with options: Decimal Places, Exponential Threshold and Fraction type;
  • Added ability to use value recommended by Dynamic Assistance by Enter pressing;
  • In the Dynamic Assistance hint "TAB+Shift" replaced with "Shift+TAB";
  • Pictures saves in XML using base64 format now instead of binhex (output files size decreased);
  • Backspace behavior improved for Math Region (f.e. in expression "1+2" it takes 3 backspace' uses to remove all);
  • Plot 2D and Plot 3D buttons removed from the math toolbar panel;
  • Math Region improved;
  • Worksheet's Context Menu improved;
  • Translatable Regions interfaces improved;
  • Units importing from XML file implemented;
  • Beam example corrected;
  • Home and Back buttons fixed for the Math Book;
  • Fixed changing of the border for multiple selected Regions when Regions has different border value;
  • Fixed error appears on moving Collapsed Area using Up/Down/Left/Right keyboard buttons;
  • Fixed issues appears after pasting Regions (lost metadata etc);
  • Fixed error of application opening on multi-monitor configuration (program will open on the connected display only);
  • Fixed errors with Units for zero;
  • Fixed error appears on file Save if only SMath Studio files plugin installed;
  • Save file dialog will not be shown if no file plugins installed;
  • Handling of the messages from plugins improved (fixed issue about invisible regions on Worksheet's load);
  • Solve function limits issue fixed;
  • Fixed issue appears when pasted image was shown outside of the visible Worksheet bounds;
  • Fixed issue with All Units item shown twice into the Insert Units Dialog;
  • New interface languages added: CAT, FAS, FIN, HEB, LAV, SLK, SWE;
  • Language files updated;
  • Refactoring.

Changes since last stable 0.89 (was introduced in beta 0.89.8 earlier)

  • Area Regions with protection ability implemented;

  • Snippets feature implemented;

  • ImageFileType plugin included (it adds an ability to save whole worksheet into *.png, *.gif, *.jpeg and *.bmp image formats);

  • Support for Compressed SMath File type (*.smz) added;

  • Added ability to use functions as programs (i.e. programming functions can be used into the right part of definition expression);

  • Added ability to move up all Regions of the Worksheet below the cursor using Delete keyboard button;
  • Added ability to exclude Area regions from print out;
  • Added ability to replace all definitions and equalities with a "=" sign on print out;

  • "Beam load calculation bearing with two supports" example included into the Examples Dialog of SMath Studio;

  • GravitationAcceleration.sm example file translated to IND;
  • Sorting improved in the Dynamic Assistance list when items with subscript in there names exists;
  • Angles global option removed from the Options Dialog;
  • Several physical constants added to the built-in list of Units: G.N, h, N.A, μ.0, e, m.e, m.p, m.n, m.u, R.gas, k;
  • Units "erg", "grad" and "gon" added to the built-in list of Units;
  • Dynamic Assistance hint tooltip implemented (it shows what keystrokes can be used to work with Dynamic Assistance);

  • Added ability to draw text on the 2D Plot Control canvas;

  • Added ability to draw special characters on the Plot Control canvas;
  • IsDefined(..), roots(..) and Jacob(..) functions added to SpecialFunctions plugin;
  • Ability to open/save *.sm file types are moved to plugin;
  • Line function alignment corrected to top;
  • Text and units inside math regions now keeps their colors even if the color of region's background is changed by user;
  • Desktop: Fixed Area/Separator print issue when its width was wrong on print out;
  • Dynamic Assistance now doesn't appear on Ctrl+G keystroke into the Text elements of the Math region;
  • Last digits of the built-in constants corrected into the Dynamic Assistance hints;
  • Fixed critical error appeared on Control Paint error ("Red Cross Death" exception);
  • Limitation of the summation function arguments removed, now it is possible to set top limit less then bottom limit;
  • Fixed Units power error when "Real" or "Imaginary" item chosen of the "Answer (set)" option in Options Dialog;
  • HTMLFileType plugin improved: added support for the formatted text;
  • Fixed issue appears within Math Region if one presses buttons 2*3' - Cursor have wrong position after last symbol is inserted;
  • Fixed issue when definition operator did not appeared for some functions when user pressed "=" operator for undefined expression;
  • Built-in functions usage improved;
  • Evaluation and File Types plugins improved;
  • Ability to work with different functions styles improved;
  • Fixed numerical issue with fractional powers of matrices;
  • Critical error fixed, appears when user presses ';' keyboard button using the program with options: '.' as a Decimal Symbol and ',' as a Arguments separator;
  • Fixed error appeared when all format options of the Math region lost on spacebar enter to convert Math region to Text region;
  • Fixed issue when installed copy of the program represents as a portable version;
  • Fixed issue when if(..) function cannot be used to plot a graphs;
  • Fixed numeric and symbolic issues of comparing strings;
  • Symbolic engine trigonometric simplification error fixed: "-4*sin^2*α+5-4*cos^2*α";
  • Fixed infinite loop problem when user defines recursive function: sin(x):=sin(2*x); sin(x):=sin(3*x);
  • Fixed error with changing History steps for Plot Regions;
  • Multi-threading evaluations improved when calculation in progress for more then one worksheet;
  • Program now shows an error on symbolic evaluation of expression contains function with empty name;
  • Teamwork Session: Fixed error with wrong delimiters sent to client on session join;
  • Teamwork Session: Critical error fixed appears sometimes on worksheet recalculating;
  • Teamwork Session: Fixed error when Optimization and Disable Evaluation properties cannot be sent to client;
  • Language files updated;
  • Refactoring.

System requirements

  • Handheld:
    Framework: .NET Compact Framework 2.0 cab (5,33МБ), zip (1,99МБ)
    Compatibility: Pocket PC 2002, WM 2003, WM 2003 SE, WM 5, WM 6, WM 6.1, WM 6.5, full VGA support, all PPC's, Comunicators and smartphones.
  • Desktop (Windows):
    Framework: .NET Framework 2.0
  • Desktop (Linux):
    Framework: Mono 2.0 (libmono-winforms-2.0-cil package) or higher

Interface languages

Desktop и Handheld (34 languages):
  • [BEL] Belarusian / Беларуская
  • [BUL] Bulgarian / Български
  • [CAT] Catalan / Català
  • [CHS] Chinese (Simplified) / 简体中文
  • [CHT] Chinese (Traditional) / 簡體中文
  • [CPP] Portuguese (Brazil) / Brazil (Português)
  • [CZE] Czech / Čeština
  • [DAN] Danish / Dansk
  • [DUT] Dutch / Nederlands
  • [ENG] English / English
  • [FAS] Persian / فارسی
  • [FIN] Finnish / Suomi
  • [FRE] French / Français
  • [GER] German / Deutsch
  • [GRE] Greek / Ελληνικά
  • [HEB] Hebrew / עברית
  • [HUN] Hungarian / Magyar
  • [IND] Indonesian / Bahasa Indonesia
  • [ITA] Italian / Italiano
  • [LAV] Latvian / Latviešu
  • [LTH] Lithuanian / Lietuvių
  • [NOR] Norwegian / Norsk
  • [POL] Polish / Polski
  • [POR] Portuguese / Português
  • [RON] Romanian / Română
  • [RUS] Russian / Русский
  • [SCC] Serbian (Latin) / Srpski
  • [SCR] Croatian / Hrvatski
  • [SLK] Slovak / Slovenčina
  • [SPA] Spanish / Español
  • [SRP] Serbian (Cyrillic) / Српски
  • [SWE] Swedish / Svenska
  • [TUR] Turkish / Türkçe
  • [UKR] Ukrain / Українська

    Free Download

    * For installation of the program from PPC it is necessary to transfer a file on Your handheld computer (for example, with MS ActiveSync) and start it there with Your file manager.


    SMath Studio tutorial by Bernard Liengme.
    • SMathPrimer.pdf (Date: 11.11.2011. File size: 2.06MB) - to open in Adobe Acrobat Reader

    Introduction of the use of SMath Studio by Gilberto E. Urroz, Ph.D., P.E.

    Other files

    SMath Studio icons () of all available sizes (16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 96x96, 128x128, 256x256) in PNG format.

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    Excellent work and very impressive improvements. Thank you!
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