Release Notes - SMath Viewer - General


  • SV-3522 - No language selector
  • SV-2396 - Exception in MathRegions while changing language
  • SV-2379 - Cannot retrieve data generated inside collapsed encrypted areas
  • SV-2377 - Encrypted collapsed area label used as tab name
  • SV-2374 - Unable to display results from values defined in protected areas
  • SV-2373 - SMath viewer PRO can't be executed - Encrypted areas vs separators
  • SV-2360 - Smath Viewer files detected as Virus
  • SV-2332 - System.NullReferenceException when typing something in region's placeholder
  • SV-1259 - Options Dialog: Toolbar buttons not available if in Free version mode
  • SV-107 - Infinity causes Viewer's crash


  • SV-3489 - Missing referenced assemblies of referenced projects

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