Bug SS-2265
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Intermittent error when creating custom colours

Created by Charlie on 2/12/2015 3:48 PM Last Updated by Davide on 2/12/2015 5:03 PM
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I was recently using SMath and came across a problem. I have been unable to recreate the situation but I thought I would atleast bring it up to your attention.

Having created a large SMath file the previous day I went to open the SMath document. I was present with the error "Index was outside the bounds of the array". 

As i did not want to lose the work I had done I spent a number of hours looking through the XML file in Notepad++  and copied each region at a time to find out which region was causing a problem.

To cut a long story short I found that some of the colours of the math regions had been given the colour code #5ebe5. The regions affected were consistant with all the regions I had coloured green using a custom colour through the user interface. I am unsure how SMath assigned this colour code to these regions. I have tried to recreate the problem again using custom colours/ saving the document and then reopening but I have not been sucessful. I solved my problem by doing a find an replace and changing all the #5ebe5 colours to #000000 and reopening in SMath.

I hope bringing this to your attention will help you in the future should the same problem happen to any one else and allow you to fix any instabilities. 

Keep up the good work.


    Davide (Thursday, February 12, 2015 5:01 PM) #

Yep, this is SS-1247. As stated by the author, the problem should be fixed in the next relase.